Advantages & Disadvantages of CodeIgniter for Web Development

Advantages & Disadvantages of CodeIgniter for Web Development

CodeIgniter: features and limitations for website development by experts

There are multiple open-source platforms available that allow developers to create a website for free. The benefit of using CodeIgniter is that it’s a high-grade platform that allows hassle-free website and application development. It has become famous among PHP web developers due to its various features. It is used to create a robust web application in the PHP field.

Why CodeIgniter is Most Preferred Framework?

Developers can create distinctive and efficient apps using CodeIgniter's unique features. The dynamic PHP framework helps the programmer build a world-class dynamic app. Hiring a CodeIgniter developer is not an easy task, but with the help of social media, you will get a professional developer.

CodeIgniter provides a valuable feature for creating code from scratch. Many customized web apps are built with this cutting-edge technology platform, and it is highly suitable for the developer who requires a simple platform to build an advanced app. CodeIgniter Advantages helps you comprehensively to develop web apps.

With PHP, You can quickly create or develop a dynamic website with a strong set of single interface institutions and logical structure. It will assist you in writing code from scratch and offer various dynamic features to help the efficient development of vibrant PHP websites. Let's dig in deep to understand the Pros and Cons of the CodeIgniter Framework in detail.

Benefits of using CodeIgniter PHP Framework Development

CodeIgniter aims to enable you to create web apps quicker than you think by allowing you to write code, offering a rich set of built-in libraries. CodeIgniter framework supports you in minimizing the quantity of code required and lets you focus on a project. Following are the significant benefits of using CodeIgniter PHP framework

  • It offers PHP developers the most effortless path to use modular programs and get a precise function through the framework.

  • The CodeIgniter offers inbuilt libraries and excellent features to PHP developers to build web apps with high-end functionalities e app.

  • It is fitted with almost every platform, working system and the web server.

  • It is reliable and lightweight.

  • A developer can create the application's rear and end front end effectively with the help of CodeIgniter.

  • This framework allows the programmer to develop web application security.

  • CodeIgniter framework supports you in minimizing the quantity of code required and lets you focus on a project while developing an application of PHP.

  • It offers easy migration from server to server and hassle-free customization and setup of the files.

Bug Handling

It provides user-friendly and manageable interfaces, which are very helpful in recognizing and handling errors globally throughout the application. It offers bug-handling guidance and debugging data that will show all the errors of PHP in your application.

Powerful Validation Framework Method

PHP developers can write code in a single line using the form validation feature, and also you can easily validate the framework system to write code simply and error-free.

Produces Less Footstep

CodeIgniter is created as a light PHP framework like other powerful PHP frameworks and has a very tiny footprint. It made CodeIgniter quicker than other commonly used web frameworks. As a PHP developer, you don’t need to be worried about enhancing the web performance, as a 2MB download destroys performance lags.

Customization and Configuration

Simple to set up

Freshers and expert PHP programmers can utilize CodeIgniter without putting in extra effort and time. The robust community support and detailed documentation make it easy for PHP programmers to use CodeIgniter to create quality web apps. PHP framework offers hassle-free setup options.

Immigration Features

It's quite easy to manage database schema updates across various fields using migration. Immigration from server to server is easy in CodeIgniter.

Develops with Built-in Security Features

CodeIgniter makes it simpler for programmers to rewrite secure PHP applications by providing many features. CodeIgniter helps programmers provide the features to preserve the web application from general safety warnings like SQL injection, cross-site scripting attacks, and remote code execution. The programmers can check the security warnings simply by calling back certain functions.

Some CodeIgniter Advantages

  • Search engine-friendly URLs

  • Data encryption

  • More lightweight compared to others

  • Security and XSS filter

  • Pagination

  • Benchmarking

  • Form and data validation

  • Full page caching

  • Model view controller-based system

The disadvantages of CodeIgniter Framework

Enterprises require programmers to write readable, clean, readable, and structured code. The high-quality code makes it easier for enterprises to sustain, revise, and revamp web applications faster in the future. It does not support the modular partition of code accordingly.

Requires Exhaustive Libraries

CodeIgniter produces custom web application development by implementing modern features and many inbuilt libraries. It will authorize developers to install solely the libraries the web application requires. The developer can also easily expand and customize the prior libraries by extending the native classes.